Chocolate & Bailey’s Sauce Recipe

Enjoy your waffles the Irish way. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day our team of chocolatiers created an irresistible sauce featuring our milk couverture chocolate and Bailey’s Original Irish Cream. Perfect to serve over waffles, ice cream, and brownies.

100g couverture Chocolate (35% milk)
300g white sugar
250ml whipping cream
90ml Bailey’s
50g butter

Finely chop the milk couverture chocolate and put in a mixing bowl.

Pour the whipping cream into a saucepan and warm up over medium heat.

In another sauce pan cook the sugar on medium heat until it begins to turn a dark amber colour, while swirling the pan occasionally.

Turn off the heat and slowly add the warm cream to the caramelized sugar. Be careful as the cream may bubble up when it combines with the sugar.

Pour the cream and sugar mixture over the chopped chocolate.

Stir the components until they are smooth and of uniform consistency.
Add the Bailey’s and the butter. Stir again until smooth and enjoy.