A Perfectly Matched Pair: Exploring the Decadent Combination of Cheese and Chocolate


If youre looking for a sweet and savory treat, you cant go wrong with the pairing of cheese and chocolate. Cheese and chocolate may seem like an unlikely combination, but in reality, this match made in heaven offers the best of both worlds creamy, complex flavors, and bold richness respectively.

The contrast of flavors between cheese and chocolate offers a unique combination that is both memorable and delectable. Rich, tangy cheeses like cheddar offer a flavorful backdrop to the sweetness and smoothness of a quality dark chocolate. On the sweeter side of things, creamy, goat cheese balances out the bitter notes of dark chocolate – perfect for the most adventurous of taste buds.

Whether you’ve got something to celebrate or you’re just looking for a delicious snack, cheese and chocolate are a timeless pairing. With its contrast in flavors and textures, it's sure to become a favorite. Treat yourself, and give it a try!

For a fun twist on a classic dessert, you can incorporate cheeses into your favorite chocolate recipes—the possibilities are endless.

 We recently visited Lakeside Farmstead Cheese in Legal, Alberta, to come up with these amazing pairing suggestions.


Our Feature Pairings:

Pairing one
The Jackie Bar- The Jackie embodies the classic taste and sophistication, like a perfectly tailored ‘mami’ pink Chanel suit with pearls of sea salt.
Fromage Blanc — This creamy cheese has a light, delicate texture.
Pairing two
Coffee Crunch Sharable- A two-toned crunchy corn puff that is first coated in espresso infused chocolate, then coated in caramelized white chocolate.
 Chaga Cheddar- Chaga Cheddar has a creamy texture and mild taste with a slightly nutty flavour.
 Pairing three
70% Costa Rica Bar - Flavour notes of raisin, plum, and nutmeg
Cheddar- Packed with flavour and a rich and creamy texture.
Pairing four
Poison apple bonbon- apple laced meltaway with almond toffee crunch.
Clothbound Cheddar- carefully aged for a minimum of 1 year. Exhibits  nutty, fruity/citrus and caramel/sweet undertones with a complex and lingering finish.


Here are some additional Lakeside x JACEK pairings to try this summer:
DR90% + Clothbound Cheddar
Corn Nuts + Milk Chocolate with the Cheddar (medium) – hello Chicago Mix!
Neverland Orange bonbon + Cheddar (medium)
"Blew"berry bonbon + Fromage Blanc
Honey Pot bonbon + Fromage Blanc