Business Gifts

Holiday Gifts

Do you want to be prepared and are you looking for corporate holiday gifts? Reach out to our Experience Manager at or 780.464.5200 Ext. 102.


Volume Orders

Our discount for high volume orders starts at a minimum order total of $1,500 before GST (10% discount). You are welcome to place an order online and the discount will be automatically applied to your cart. 
If you are planning on placing an order of $2,500 and more or would like some assistance with your order (e.g. for pickup at a later date than our online shop allows), please reach out to us at or 780.464.5200 Ext. 102.

Multi-address Shipping

We offer bulk shipping (minimum 6 addresses) with Canada Post or FedEx across Canada. Complimentary cards with a custom message and logo can be included in each package at no additional charge.
Take advantage of our business shipping rates, simply fill out this shipping spreadsheet and send it to along with the order details. Our Experience Manager will then get a shipping quote for you based on the addresses provided in the spreadsheet.

Custom Bar Packaging

Our branded chocolate bar packaging is fully customizable (text/colours/logos/other images). Pricing will depend on the number of bars ordered.
For more information, send us an email to and we will be happy to help.
Custom chocolate bar packaging for Metro Mortgage and a private wedding event.