No matter who you are spending your time with this year, we’ve come up with three foolproof ways to celebrate February 14th. 


1. A Blindfolded Chocolate Tasting  


 Did you know losing one sense can often heighten others? A blind taste test really can change the way you experience chocolate - subtle flavours you may not have noticed suddenly get pushed to the forefront, and you are now able to detect all the variety of textures we pack into our bonbons: chocolates, ganaches, gelees, caramels etc. Sound fun?

Here’s how to do it:

We recommend The Love Letter of Fine Chocolate, but you can choose any  flavours that you think your partner will enjoy.

  • First, have your partner close their eyes (or blindfold them). 
  • Then, one at a time, lead them through the 6 different chocolates. Allow them the time to truly savour each chocolate they are tasting. Let the chocolate melt and coat their palette. 
  • Ask them what flavour notes and textures they are sensing. Remember - everyone’s palette is different so there is no right or wrong answers here. It’s more about the fun of the experience.
  • Finally, have them guess the flavour and enjoy the chocolate together.

    We hope that we have inspired you to have your own Valentine’s chocolate date night in! 


    Love letter chocolate box with hearts on black background


    2. A GAL-entine's Party


    Step 1: Send out invitations 

    Step 2: Decorate your house

    Step 3: Spoil your friends 

     May we suggest:

    Chocolate Espresso Martini: 

     Melted dark chocolate 

    1 oz espresso

    1 oz vodka 

    1 oz cream or coffee liqueur (depending on your taste preference)


    Coffee beans for garnish 

       Dip your glass into melted chocolate to coat the rim. Place in fridge for 5 mins to set. Combine your espresso, vodka and liqueur in a shaker filled with ice. Shake to combine and pour into a glass. Garnish with coffee beans and enjoy! 

      *** Vodka and coffee creamer below can be found at  in Sherwood Park.

       Martini with bottles and chocolate rim


      3. A PAL-entine's Game Night

      One step: Set up that games table and enjoy the night with good friends and tasty treats.

       Cards and scrabble with chocolate


      Hope this helps plan your day. For more ideas follow us on social.



      The JACEK team