The Sgt. George Miok Collection

Honouring a local fallen hero – Sgt. George Miok 

From Sherwood Park, Alberta, Sgt Miok joined the military at the age of seventeen in 1998, following in his fathers footsteps. He served a tour in Bosnia in 2002, his first mission in Afghanistan in 2006, and in 2009 he departed for his second mission in Afghanistan. Between his missions, George earned a degree in secondary education. He spent his time at home teaching, and left an impact on every student he encountered.

Sgt. George Miok was killed by an improvised explosive device on December 30th, 2009, at 28 years old. George was filled with Canadian pride and his legacy lives on. To his core he believed that the greater good for all mankind is not a dream, but a goal we should all work towards. 

The Fundraising Program

 Our desire is to support our community as selflessly as George did, so 100% of proceeds are being gifted to the Sherwood Park community through ‘Sgt. George Miok Scholarships’. 

“We are again so grateful and honoured to have been a recipient of the Miok Memorial funds.

We spent the year recognizing students showing acts of services and ‘choosing joy’. Our staff recognized over 150 Miok Moments in the second half of the school year. Earlier this week we drew for our grand prize winners.

Congratulations to Kingston and Cymone. George would be proud of all you did to make our school a better place.

A HUGE thank you to JACEK Chocolate Couture and the George Miok Scholarship committee for providing the funds to support this initiative.”

-École Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Catholic School


winner of Miok scholarship with teachers


The Sgt. George Miok Collection is no ordinary JACEK Chocolate Collection.
Apple: For George's time as a teacher.
Maple: A proud Canadian, tried and true.
Chewy Caramel: Tough, like the soldier George was.
Old Style Pilsner: Proudly Albertan, George's beer of choice.
Dobostorta: Classic Hungarian caramel dessert in honour of George's heritage.
Neapolitan: George's favourite ice cream.

Please take time on Remembrance Day to think about the sacrifices that many brave men and women have made so that we may all enjoy the freedoms that we have. Every dollar raised from the Sgt. George Miok collection will be reinvested in the children of the community to ensure the sacrifice of a great man, who gave his life for the belief of those freedoms, shall never be forgotten.